About Mindset Crafting

Mindset Crafting is a small batch, handmade crafts store where your mindset is our business. Do you need a moment of peace? Let us help with that. Feeling sexy, let us help you stay in that mindset. 

As everyone is aware, the year 2020 has been full of plot twists. The biggest twist of all is that this is the year I decided to shift my entire way of thinking and go for all of my goals. Mindset Crafting has been a long term dream of mine. I love creating! It seemed only fitting that I take that passion and funnel it into handmade products that I was already making for my home for fun. 

The process of getting this company together in such a short time has been exciting and terrifying. Product testing has been extensive, research made me feel like I was back in school but, in the end, I am confident in every single item that I send out now. 

We are launching with the Moment of Peace kits, which will include one candle and a corresponding room spray with scents that are meant to calm and center the customer. These were entirely inspired by the fireball of this year. There are more special boxes planned for the future as well as single themed items that I hope you love. 

I'm so excited to be getting these candles out into the world and hope they bring some comfort to everyone.